about me

Professional Software Developer

Skilled in: Web Applications, Frontend Development and Data Science.

BS in Accounting & Finance, Self-taugh Developer, passionate about learning and building new things.

In my free time i love Running, reading Books and i always keep an eye for new projects and great teams to join.

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My projects

Cryptocurrency Website React,Javascript, Frontend Development

Never miss any Crypto price changes with this website

IBM Data Science project Jupyter Notebooks, SQL, Machine Learning

Built and implemented Machine Learning models based on Space X data, to create a Space company that will learn quicker and beat them on the Race to Mars

Matrix Rain Animation Javascript Animations

This one of my favourite animations developed with vanilla Javascript

Facebook Clone Frontend Development, Advanced CSS

No, it is not a screenshot it is me rebuilding the facebook front end from scratch

SMS Gateway Django, Linux, Frontend Development, Networks, Web Apps

This is my biggest project that is still on going, can't reveal to you anything more ;-)

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